At this Centre, the principle of Dual Training, in which the theoretical and practical contents of professional training go hand-in-hand, is consistently applied. Class room discussions, demonstration experiments, video lessons, experimentation through self learning, application oriented practicals, periodical assignments, mini-projects and on-the-job-training are the methods adopted. Long Term Programs are conducted for two years duration and they have been developed to build fresh young service technicians and to make them confident in handling any type of electronic equipment / System. Short Term Courses are aimed at giving a strong exposure in the area of Electronic Instrumentation, solar photovoltaic system design, photometric measurement and EMC/EMI testing and Target group for these courses are the practising engineers from industries. Tailor Made Courses are special programs designed to meet the individual requirements of a group of personnel from a particular organisation. Intensive Refresher Courses are conducted for the service personnel to update their knowledge so as to solve the problems easily during their service jobs. Orientation Programs are conducted at a lower level to introduce the basic concepts of electronic instrumentation and measurement methods. Target group is the non-electronic personnel engaged in electronic measurements HRD Programs are special programs on different technical topics including the Quality Standards (like ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 17025:2005) designed for about one or two days duration to address the specific requirements of the engineers working at this Institute and industries.


CEC has the well trained staff members to conduct above mentioned training programmes. CEC has facilities such as Analog trainer kit, Digital trainer kit, Universal trainer kit, Microprocessor trainer kit, PLC trainer kit, Power electronics trainer kit and modules, Process control trainer kit and other test and measuring instruments to conduct training program in the Electrical Engineering.