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Servicing & Maintenance

The Centre caters to the Servicing and Maintenance needs of about twenty two  Departments/ Centres of this Institute. Unlike other service centres, this Centre has specially developed infrastructure to handle the variety of equipment, from a simple power supply to a much sophisticated and complex controller, covering the following categories:

Redesigning as part of servicing:

Getting the right type of spares is a serious problem in most cases. More often, this Centre has been solving these problems by redesigning a particular stage or a module to make it functionally compatible with the original design.

State-of-the-art in servicing:

Unique feature of this Centre is that it has been successfully servicing most of the equipment of complex in nature and even in the absence of correct documentation and service manuals. Circuit tracing, circuit identification, circuit analysis, symptom analysis and fault analysis have thus become the important activities of the Centre.

Field service:

Since its inception, this Centre has been lending expertise to the industries in this country by servicing of sophisticated electronic equipment and process controllers right at their plants.  

In-Circuit Test Facility


  • Arbitrary Waveform Generators
  • Chipwriter 

  • Computing Voltmeter

  • Digital LCR Meter

  • Digital Multimeters

  • Digital Recorder 

  • Digital Scope cum Multimeters

  • Digital Storage Oscilloscope 

  • Frequency Counters 

  • Function Generators 

  • In-Circuit Tester 

  • Logic Analyser 

  • Logic Troubleshooting Kits

  • Mixed Signal Functional Test System

  • Oscillographic Recorder

  • Oscilloscopes

  • Precision Voltmeters

  • Programmable Function Generators

  • Signature Multimeters

  • SMD Rework Stations

Servicing of

  • AC and DC Drives

  • Biomedical Equipment

  • CNC Machines

  • CRT Monitors                                              

  • Data Acquisition Systems

  • Industrial Controllers

  • Industrial Instrumentation Systems

  • Inverters

  • Oscilloscopes

  • Recorders

  • Special Function Equipment

  • Test and Measuring Instruments

Development of

  • Functionally compatible PCB modules for import substitution

  •  Special function hardware modules for replacement of custom built ICs.

A View of Servicing Laboratory